Marinated meat free pieces with mild curry grilled, served with peanut dipping sauce
Sweet Corn Cake (v) £4.50
Deep-fried sweet corn mixed with chilli paste and kaffir lime  leaves served with sweet chilli sauce, sprinkle with peanut
Vegetable samosa (v) £4.50
Perfect pastry stuffed with  stir fried meat free, vegetables, mild curry and oyster sauce, sweet chilli dipping sauce
Chicken and prawn toast £4.70
Crispy deep-fried french bread on topped with minced chicken,prawn sprinkled with sesame seeds served with sweet chilli dipping sauce
Dumpling £4.70
Stream marinated minced pork stuffed in wonton pastry cups topped with exotic soya sauce,crispy garlic and spring onion
King prawn and chicken golden parcel £4.95
King prawn wrapped in pastry stuffed with stir fried,diced chicken, vegetables, mild curry,served with sweet chilli dipping sauce
Mix Starter £10.95
BBQ ribs, chicken satay, king prawn and chicken golden parcels, crispy wonton, chicken and prawn toast, vegetable spring roll (request if you want vegan/vegetarian)
Crispy Wonton £4.95
Thin Wonton wrappers are filled with ground chicken and a variety of vegetables, served with sweet chilli sauce.
Jacket Prawns £4.50
Marinated king prawns wrapped in pastry and deep-fried served with sweet chilli sauce sauce
Thai Sausage £4.50
Minced pork, herbs and chilli, grilled sausages served with sweet chilli sauce.
Vegetable Tempura £4.30
Deep-fried assorted vegetables in tempura batter served with sweet chilli sauce dipping
Thai Fish Cake £4.50
Minced fish, mild red curry paste, green beans and lime leaves fried, served with crushed peanut in sweet chilli sauce.
Duck Spring Rolls £4.95
Crispy spring rolls filled with shredded roasted duck and vegetables, served with dark soy sauce and plum sauce.
Dumplings £4.70
Streamed minced pork and prawn dumplings, topped with fried garlic, served with sweet soy sauce.
BBQ Spare Ribs £4.94
Meaty barbecued pork ribs marinated in herbs and honey served with sweet chilli sauce.
Prawn Tempura £4.95
Deep-fried marinated prawns in a light batter, served with sweet chilli sauce.
Chicken Satay £4.95
Chicken marinated in spices and honey, grilled over charcoal, served with peanut sauce.
Spring Rolls £4.50
Deep-fried mixed vegetables wrapped in rice pastry, served with sweet chilli sauce.


Tom Kha Chicken £5.50
Fragrant, fresh and creamy chicken soup, cooked in coconut milk, drawn with galangal, lemongrass and lime leaf, and seasoned with fish sauce and lime juice
Tom Yum Mashroom £5.00

Mushrooms in a clear spicy soup, flavoured with lemongrass and makrude leaves

Tom Yum Seafood £6.50
Tom Yum soup with mixed seafood. The original Thai favourite with a hint of coconut milk
Tom Yum Chicken Soup £4.50
Hot and sour Tom Yum style soup flavoured with lemongrass and makrude leaves
Tom Yum Goong £6.00
Favourite Thai hot and sour prawn soup, seasoned with lemon grass, chillies, lime juice and galangal.

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